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Rebecca Gidden

Along with our excellent senior home care services, CaringLegends, LLC eliminates the stress and worry family members are experiencing over the care of their elderly loved ones. Seniors are also comforted and feel at ease knowing that a caring partner from caringLegends, LLC will be there to assist them with their activities of daily living any time whether day or night and in accordance with their normal routine.

I, Rebecca Gidden has been with CaringLegends, LLC since 2017 focusing on the cooperate compliance part of the agency. As the Office/Billing Manager at CaringLegends, LLC, I bring 5+ years of experience in Office and Billing Management.  I assist the Executive/Clinical Director in Administrative Duties.

CaringLegends, LLC In-Home Care services is a Christian based agency that is locally owned and respected for providing private duty home care services for seniors, Veteran Aide and Attendance services for our heroes and surviving spouse, and Home Care Based services through the Medicaid program as well as the United Health Care Insurance Medicaid services. We also service clients with Special insurance from the department of Energy.

Studies have shown that seniors thrive more when living in their own home than in a nursing home. So don’t forget to help your elder relative maintain their independence by asking for information today.

We at CaringLegends provide:

Grace Dunbar

A health care professional with 10 years of experience. Ms. Dunbar strongly believes that you shouldn't take chances with your health. A wellness plan that's easy to understand and follow through on is key to good health throughout your entire life. Make chiropractic a cornerstone of that plan, and you're well on your way to living a life that's active and free from pain.

Patricia McKay

As a licensed practitioner nurse with over 15 years of health care experience, Ms. McKay is a certified medicaid in-home care provider and MDS coordinator. She has experience as a professional development coach, mediator and trainer, as well as previously managed an Acute Rehab nursing facility. Ms McKay has significant insight into the needs fragile patients face, when at home with disabilities/illness. She has undergone numerous specialty training in the areas of Wound care, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's and Diabetic care.

Joceline Pierre

Aging seniors deserve to enjoy their golden years in comfort, and the majority of them want to do so in their own homes. For some, aging in place may mean getting help with daily tasks as those tasks become more challenging. Navigating steps, remembering to take medications, getting to a doctor’s appointment… everyday activities can become more difficult as we age. That’s why I, Joceline Pierre, a Social Worker/Marketer at CaringLegends, LLC In- Home Care services devotes my time to helping our seniors in the community age well in place. CarinLegends, LLC home care services can provide many benefits for our seniors and aging heroes, from improving overall comfort to managing chronic symptoms. However, there is a hurdle that must be addressed: the cost. But, before looking at the funding models available for home care services, it’s important to distinguish between types of home care services.

As your community Social worker, I will work with you and your family member to figure out what service we provide is best for you and what funding is available to help pay for the services you need. I will educate and assist clients that are applying for Medicaid and Food stamps.

In the early years of Joceline’s career building, she acquired experience working with families and seniors with disabilities in their home settings. I strived to help families remain intact by developing a trusting relationship with the clients and access needed resources to create a healthier family unit.

As I continued to work with families and seniors, I focused my directions on becoming a Social Worker with a Master’s degree in Health Care Administration from Webster University, and a bachelor’s degree in social work from the University of Missouri-St Louis.

So you see, I thoroughly enjoy being a support to seniors and their adult kids.

We at CaringLegends, LLC believe in knowledge sharing, coordination of care and a unique care plan designed for our clients with the client and family involvement.